Minor Requirements

A minor in philosophy consists of nine of the 11 courses required for the major, and will meet the following distribution requirements:

  • Introductory. Course 9 and at least one of 11, 22 or 24.
  • History of Philosophy. Two of 100A, 100B, or 100C.
  • Upper-Division. Four courses numbered 100A or above, at least one in value theory and two in metaphysics and/or epistemology.
  • Elective. The final course may be lower- or upper-division.

One upper-division course substitution may be considered. Lower-division courses completed elsewhere may also be considered. Substitution requests are to be made via petition to and are subject to approval by the undergraduate program director. There is no senior exit requirement for the minor.

Students must have taken or currently be enrolled in at least one philosophy course in order to declare the minor.

For information regarding the use of transfer credit, the same general rules apply to the minor as apply to the major. Please see the ASSIST website for further information.