About the Department


The Department has three distinguishing characteristics: a focus on philosophy understood through its history, an emphasis on the relation of philosophy to science, and an eclecticism regarding philosophical styles.

The Department’s faculty recognize the importance of doing philosophy in a way that is sensitive to its history.  Their commitment to the history of philosophy extends from Ancient Philosophy to several of the main figures and topics in 20th Century philosophy, and covers a wide range of topics and historical figures in between.

The Department also has a focus on the relation of philosophy to science.  Every member of the Department is currently engaged in empirically informed philosophical research, or research in the history of science or the philosophy of science, or both.

Finally, while grounded in the analytic tradition, the Department has an eclectic philosophical profile, manifested in its openness to a variety of philosophical styles, including continental philosophy, and in the importance it places on making philosophy relevant, beneficial, and accessible to the public.  This eclecticism, which, among other things, fosters an academic environment that allows our students and faculty to make intellectual connections with academics in other disciplines and members of the general public, makes UCSC a unique and attractive place to study philosophy.