Where are the faculty offices?

The Cowell Annex, which is below the Page Smith Library (Map). 

How do I declare?

Complete a Petition for Major/Minor Declaration and meet with the undergraduate adviser. The same petition is used for adding a second major. The adviser from the first/existing major will need to confirm the study plan.

Why should I declare?

You'll become part of the department, be invited to talks and other events that the faculty and graduate students attend. You'll get a cool pin. More importantly, senior seminars are added by permission code. If we don't know you intend to complete the major requirements until your senior year it'll be too late for you to indicate a preference.

I can't get into a class I need.

Check the class search and get on the waitlist. Keep checking the schedule of classes and if a space become available, enroll in the course immediately. If you are unable to get into the class by the beginning of the quarter, go to the first lecture and ask the instructor if any additional students will be let into the course. You might receive a permission code.

I can't make the first day of class. 

Students who miss the first lecture will usually be dropped. Let the instructor know the circumstances and an exception might be made. Some professors won't allow you to add their class after the first week.

What are faculty office hours and why is everyone talking about them?

Office hours provide a chance to discuss topics not covered in lecture or section. If you have a question about philosophy or graduate school, your professors are definitely the best people to ask. 

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