Undergraduate Program

Redwood Trees

Philosophy investigates questions of human thought and life

  • knowledge and belief (epistemology)
  • the nature of reality (metaphysics)
  • morality and aesthetics (value theory)

Courses relate traditional questions to contemporary work in literature and the social and natural sciences. Students examine classic texts in philosophy, ancient and modern.

The curriculum covers the dominant contemporary schools of philosophy in the Anglo-American (Analytic) tradition.

Undergraduate Program Director

Associate Professor Janette Dinishak, jdinisha@ucsc.edu

Undergraduate Advisor

Rachel Lynch, philadvi@ucsc.edu

Undergraduate advising is available via Zoom or phone. Please contact the main Undergraduate Advising Inbox at philadvise@ucsc.edu for any questions or assistance needed. You can schedule an appointment here or send an email to set up a time to meet.




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