Undergraduate End-of-Year Colloquia

June 19, 2018


Each year we hold a Philosophy Department graduation celebration with undergraduate research presentations. Below are videos of prior year presentations.


2018 presentations and video links

Ian Bodaken, "Problems Bigger than Language: Untying our Representational Knots"

Misa Hayashi, "Designating "human” versus “other” in a Post-Human World: A Pragmatic Approach to the Problem of Human Essence"


2017 presentations and video links

Francesca Hovagimian, "Epistemic Injustice as a Transformative Experience"

Colin Ries, "Alien Minds"

2016 presentations and video links

Amy Coffin, "Reduction, Reification, and Modeling Mental Illness"

Haakon Williams, "Towards an Epistemology of Environmental Justice

Past presentations (not recorded)


Camille Charette, "Humanitarian Intervention, a Feminist Perspective"

Andrew Bunn, "On Thomas Nagel's 'Brain Bisection and the Unity of Consciousness' "



Matthew Strebe, “Schopenhauer and Aesthetic Experience”

Lia Salaverry, “Design Logic and Community Building in Public Transportation”

Alex Dor, “Construction of Nation and Nationalism”

Lisa Clark, “Knowing When I’m Right”