Graduate Placement

Amena Coronado and Professor Daniel Guevara, Commencement 2016

Doctoral Recipient Name: Dissertation Title     Faculty Adviser

Initial Placement     Current Position



Lourdes Ortiz Bautista: Making Up People and Styles of Scientific Reasoning: An Articulation of Hacking's Philosophy of the Human Sciences     Adviser: Paul Roth

Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Study 2015-2019 (Bilingual Field Interviewer/Data Collector/Assessor)


Alexis Mourenza (Dis)appearing Minds: Methodological Assumptions and Epistemological Biases in Animal Behavior and Cognition Research     Adviser: Daniel Guevara

Initial TBA     

Amena Coronado: Suffering and The Value of Life     Adviser: Daniel Guevara

Community College of Philadelphia (Assistant Professor)


Kyle RobertsonVirtue and Empirical Psychology      Adviser: Daniel Guevara

UC, Santa Cruz (Lecturer)    UC, Santa Cruz Center for Public Philosophy (Co-Director)


Javier Cardoza-Kon: Heidegger: From Ontological Politics to Technological Politics     Adviser: David Hoy

Notre Dame de Namur University (Lecturer)    Portland State University (Adjunct Professor)


Brian Prosser: Conscientious Subjectivity in Kierkegaard and Levinas     Adviser: Abe Stone

Evergreen Valley College (Adjunct Instructor)    San Jose State University (Adjunct Instructor)

Ryan Scherbart: Determinism, Alief, and Observer-Dependent Freedom: How to Mitigate the Consequesnces of Deterministic Thinking     Adviser: Jonathan Ellis

Cabrillo College (Philosophy Instructor)    Chabot College (Assistant Professor)


Brian Axel: Of Wonder and Waking     Adviser: Richard Otte

Reed College (Visiting Associate Professor) 

Christoph DurtThe Paradox of the Modern Primary-Secondary Quality Disctinction, and Husserl 's Genealogy of the Mathematization of Natureon       Adviser: David Hoy

UC Berkeley (Visiting Lecturer, Visiting Researcher)     University of Heidelberg and European Union (Postdoctoral Research Associate)

Sandra DreisbachThe Impact of Psychological Research on Moral Decision Making: Prospect Theory and the Doctrine of Doing and Allowing     Adviser: Daniel Guevara

UC Santa Cruz (Lecturer)     Ethical Resolve (Founding Partner)

Lucas McGranahanEvolutionary Pragmatism: The Darwinian Structure of William James' Thought     Adviser: Rasmus Grønfeldt Winther

UC Santa Cruz (Kresge College Lecturer)     University of Chicago (Development Writer)

Benjamin RoomeForging Psychiatric Categories: A Philosophical Examination of the Creation and Stabilization of Diagnostic Knowledge     Adviser: Paul Roth

Education Technology and Assessment Expert: Knowledgestreem (Owner)   Singularity University (Consultant; curriculum and pedagogy development)   Ethical Resolve (Founding Partner)


Kaija Marie Wycisk MortensenIntuition as a Source of Philosophical Insight: A Critical Examination of Some Contemporary Views     Adviser: Paul Roth

Davidson College (Visiting Assistant Professor)      Randolph College (Assistant Professor)

Jessica SamuelsAn Examination of the Role of Emotions in Strengthening the Internalist Picture     Adviser: Daniel Guevara

UC Santa Cruz (Stevenson College Lecturer)     Dharma Realm Buddhist University (Assistant Professor)


Jacob MetcalfEthics in the Open: Applied Ethics for Lively Worlds     Adviser: David Hoy

UC Santa Cruz (Postdoctoral Fellow, Science & Justice Training Program)    Ethical Resolve (Founding Partner)

Sara RettusA Groundwork for the Ethical and Social Implications of Intimacy     Adviser: Ellen Suckiel

De Anza College (Lecturer)     Mission College (Associate Faculty)


Alan PetrieA Nature of Value     Adviser: Daniel Guevara

Milhous Children's Services, Nevada City (Outdoor Program Coordinator)

Ben Roome and Lucas McGranahan at 2012 commencement

Dr. Roome and Dr. McGranahan, 2012 Commencement


MA Placement

Mary Garcia and Zachary Feigenbaum at Commencement 2014

Mary Garcia and Zack Feigenbaum, 2014 Commencement

Master Degree Recipient Name: Program/Employment Location


James Gray


Sawyer Hardie


Zachary Feigenbaum

Mary Garcia

James Sutter


Kamal Dhah


Craig Davis

Matthew Frise: Philosophy Ph.D. program, University of Rochester


Paul Guernsey: Philosophy Ph.D. program, University of Oregon

Daniel Pilchman: Philosophy Ph.D. program, UC Irvine

Bryan Quintero


Jason Bennet


Nathalie Nya: Philosophy Ph.D program, Penn State

Timothy Wong


Daniel Turner


Gregory Klein: High School Teacher, Philadelphia, PA

Megan Gendreau: Philosophy Ph.D. program, UC Riverside

Camen McDonald: Philosophy Ph.D. program, UC Santa Barbara


Zachary Fruhling: Senior Content Developer at Cengage Learning/Aplia Inc

Alexandra Plakais: Philosophy Ph.D. program, University of Michigan

Jesse Slavens

Bradley Thompson


Peter Murray

Bryan Telegin

James Sutter, Summer 2014