Department Chair: John Bowin

Associate Chair: Jorge Hankamer

Graduate Program Director: Paul Roth

Undergraduate Program Director: Janette Dinishak

Placement Officers: John Bowin, Paul Roth, Hande Tuna, Robbie Kubala

Colloquium Coordinator: Abe Stone

Personnel Director: Nico Orlandi

Robbie Kubala
  • Title
    • Assistant Professor
  • Division Humanities Division
  • Department
    • Philosophy Department
  • Phone
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  • Website
  • Office Location
    • Cowell College Faculty Office Addition, 101
  • Mail Stop Philosophy
  • Faculty Areas of Expertise Philosophy, Aesthetics, Ethics

Biography, Education and Training

I received my Ph.D. in Philosophy from Columbia University (2018), where I also taught for a year as a Core Lecturer in Contemporary Civilization. My research investigates foundational philosophical questions about value, valuing, and norms, particularly within and across the moral and aesthetic domains. I am also interested in moral psychology and philosophy of/in literature (especially Marcel Proust).

Selected Publications

Aesthetic Practices and Normativity, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, forthcoming (2020)

Literary Intentionalism: A Shared Interpretive Policy, Metaphilosophy, Vol. 50, Issue 4 (2019): 503-515

Grounding Aesthetic Obligations, British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 58, Issue 3 (2018): 271-285

Valuing and Believing Valuable, Analysis, Vol. 77, Issue 1 (2017): 59-65

Love and Transience in Proust, Philosophy, Vol. 91, Issue 4 (2016): 541-557

Philosophy, Literature, and Emotional Engagement: A Response to Nanay, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Vol. 73, Issue 2 (2015): 196-200