Faculty Interests

John Bowin: Ancient philosophy, especially ancient science and metaphysics, and contemporary analytic metaphysics

Janette Dinishak: Philosophy and history of psychology, Wittgenstein, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, disability studies and ethical theory

Jonathan Ellis: Philosophy of mind, epistemology, philosophy of psychology, philosophy of language, metaphysics, Wittgenstein

Daniel Guevara: Kant, moral philosophy, moral psychology, environmental ethics, history of modern philosophy

Robbie Kubala: Aesthetics, ethics, moral psychology, philosophy of/in literature, social philosophy

Nico Orlandi: Philosophy of mind, phiiosophical psychology, epistemology, philosophy of cognitive science

Paul Roth: Philosophy of social science, philosophy and sociology of science, epistemology, history of analytic philosophy, philosophy of history

Abraham Stone: 19th and Early 20th century German philosophy (continental and analytic), philosophy of science and mathematics, medieval philosophy, metaphysics, Kant

E. Hande TunaKant, aesthetics, moral psychology, early modern philosophy, philosophy of literature