2/11/16: Noa Latham: "Meditation and Self-Control"

December 14, 2015


Thursday, February 11

4:00 - 5:45

Humanities 2, 259


This paper seeks to analyze an under-discussed kind of self-control, namely the control of thoughts and sensations. I distinguish first-order control from second-order control and argue that their central forms are intentional concentration and intentional mindfulness respectively. These correspond to two forms of meditation, concentration meditation and mindfulness meditation, which have been regarded as central both in the traditions in which the practices arose and in the scientific literature on meditation. I analyze them in terms of their characteristic intentions, distingush them from concentration and mindfulness in general, and examine the relations between them. Concentration involves keeping the mind focused on a single object, while mindfulness requires noticing whatever mental states occupy the focus of one's consciousness. In the course of the investigation I examine the role of phenomenology and volition in the activity of meditating, and how they change as meditative capacities develop. 


Noa Latham is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Calgary. Research Interests: Ethics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Mind

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