Fall 2017 Course ID Course Name Instructor Syllabus
PHIL 9 Logic N. Orlandi See Professor
PHIL 11 Intro to Philosophy Matherne Syllabus
PHIL 22 Ethical Theory Dinishak Syllabus

Bioethics in the 21st Century:

Science, Business & Societ

Dreisback Materials
PHIL 100A Ancient Greek Bowin Syllabus
PHIL 112 American Philosophy Winther Syllabus
PHIL 118 Stoic Ethics Bowin Syllabus
PHIL 143 Applied Ethics: Ethics Bowl Robertson Syllabus
PHIL 190


J. Dinishak Syllabus
PHIL 190 The Bayesian Mind Orlandi See Professor
PHIL 280 Pedagogy Donley Syllabus
PHIL 290F Philosophy of Bio Winther See Professor
PHIL 290O Schopenhauer Matherne Syllabus

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