Fall 2017 Course ID Course Name Instructor Syllabus
PHIL 9 Logic Bowin Syllabus
PHIL 11 - 01 Intro to Philosophy Orlandi Syllabus
PHIL 11 - 02 Intro to Philosophy Roth Syllabus

History of Philosophy: The Rationalists

PHIL 126 Philosophy of Social Sciences Roth Syllabus
PHIL 133 Philosophy of Mind Orlandi
PHIL 140 History of Ethics Dinishak Syllabus
PHIL 190 Senior Seminar: Stone Stone
PHIL 202

Ancient Greek

Bowin  Syllabus
PHIL 231 Epistemology Ellis Syllabus
PHIL 246 Ethics/Nature/Natural Selection Guevara & Campagna
PHIL 270 Research Seminar Dinishak Syllabus

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